Company Profile

Zinosh Ltd. was founded by Mr. Moshe Greenberg after over 20 years of senior management experience in the medical field.

experience in marketing and selling medical devices and equipment, from leading international companies.

During his many years in business, Mr. Greenberg gained a strong relationships with international manufacturers and leading Institutional customers in the field of medical disposables and devices.

Alongside a close and in-depth understanding of the methodology used in the fields of health and medicine and the various customer needs.



The vision of the Zinosh is that professional external support in the scope of Zinosh Ltd's activities can greatly assist companies abroad in maximizing their operational profitability, cut marketing costs and accelerate making the right strategic decisions to benefit the company's growth and profitability.


Validating the compatibility of new suppliers and their application in the Israeli market as well as analyzing the local market potential.


Establishing collaborations between suppliers abroad and marketing new products in Israel.


Consulting and Market reserch

Analyzing the added value of new products, evaluating the possible advantages, exploring the potential in the local market and comparison to existing competition.

Marketing and Distribution

Excellent long relationship with key opinion leaders as well as direct access to institutional purchasing department enable good promotion in short timeline.

Regulatory, Registration & Licensing

Long experience and comprehensive knowledge about regulatory obstacles and pathways help in accelerating registration process.